Does Proverbs 31 Speak to You as an Unmarried Young Adult?

Susie Magazine -- More Precious Than Rubies/  Photo taken from

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I was just reading an article on the Susie Magazine website, and I absolutely loved the topic.  It was over Proverbs 31.  The difference in this article and other messages about this scripture is that it wasn’t talking to the wives out there.  It was talking to girls and women who are unmarried, married, young, and old.

Typically when we learn about this particular scripture, we are being taught what a married woman should look like.  Check out this article written by Melissa Williams Netherton by clicking the link below, and see the difference.

***I want to add that I’m excited to announce that an article of mine will be published in Susie Magazine in Spring 2012!  Keep checking back, or subscribe to the blog, and I’ll let you know the exact month the issue will be available.****!.aspx

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