When You’re on the Right Path

Deciding which path to go on is one of the most difficult for anyone who is trying to make the right decision.  Regardless of what the decision is, so many of us stress over whether or not we’re doing the right thing.  If it’s that you want to follow God’s direction, you might be stressing that you’re choosing from your own desires rather than God’s.

I’ve been working on my book for a long time now, and I began without a doubt that it was the path God set in front of me.  I spent countless hours writing as the words flowed from head to pen (well keyboard, but pen sounds better).  I would re-read and be in awe of some of the profound thoughts I had placed on paper.  That’s how I knew they weren’t my own words.

However, there have been times that I’ve questioned who’s will it was for me to write this book.  I want to remind you that the enemy has a plan for you just as God does.  He will place obstacles in your way to get you to veer from your path.  When you think of obstacles, you think immediately of bad things, right?  That’s not always true.  Sometimes he throws something at you that looks more glamorous than what’s on the path you’re on.   He might dangle something shiny to capture your attention.  Don’t be fooled by those diversions.  Keep your focus straight ahead, and God will continue to remind you that you are on the right path doing exactly what he planned for you.

As I’ve been writing, God has never stopped confirming to me that the book is his. Through the numerous rejections by agents, God has made sure to supply me with constant reminders that I’m doing exactly what he asked, and it will happen in his perfect timing.

Sure, the road ahead  may seem clear and bright at first, so it might be easy for you to begin.  It’s important that you realize it probably doesn’t remain clear the whole way.  You will almost surely find spots where brush covers the path making it difficult to see clearly where to step.  Sometimes you’ll find that there are towering trees that darken the way, so it might become scary to continue on when you don’t know what’s hiding in the darkness.  Just continue on.  Stay close to God, and remember that if your heart is ultimately to follow his plan, he will guide you during those times of uncertainty.  Trust in that knowledge.  Go forth onto the path that leads you through the brush, dark forests, and sometimes even patches of thorns.  It will be so rewarding in the end, and you will be greatly blessed.


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