Who Will Do This With Me?

Last night I started thinking about my prayer life.  The question came to me, “How often do I pray and not have a request of some sort?”  I’m asking you this question today How often do you talk to God and not request something?  I know we all have needs of some sort, and some of you may feel like you’re living in that pit I mentioned in the last post, so it’s hard not to make a request.

My challenge to you is to take the next 3 days going to God in prayer without asking for anything.  At first it might be difficult, but push through the difficulty and spend time praising and worshipping him.  Don’t ask him for anything.  Remember that your special time with God is also listening to him.  Read his word and listen to his voice.  Let’s all do this together.  I’m starting it today, and will come back Friday to talk about what God did with me during that time.

Who will do this with me?  Send a comment letting me know if you’re in.  Let’s see what happens with this!


6 thoughts on “Who Will Do This With Me?

  1. Hi Misty,
    I just noticed I’m on your blogroll. Thanks for including me in your adventure. I love the idea of simply abiding in the presence of God and not asking for anything. I’m in.


    1. I think you were one of the first I added. I really enjoy reading your posts. 🙂 Thanks for joining me with this. I think it can be more powerful than we are even expecting.


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