The Music in You

Yesterday I found a CD of a very dear friend, and I decided to play it for my 2 year old while we were driving.   Since there are only a few songs on the album, it ended much more quickly than most, and she immediately started asking for me to play it again.  I decided to put it on repeat, and I think it was the third time of singing along to one of the songs that a couple of words caught my attention, so I decided to start it again and really listen to the words.

Wow, so many things were stirring in my spirit because the song was perfectly my message!  With tears in my eyes and stirring in my spirit I begin to question how I’ve listened to this song so many times and never realized what the words were saying.  Not only had I listened to it so many times, but I’ve been singing along to it also.  God really spoke to me in that moment and revealed two things that I wanted to share with you.

1)  You will hear my message when the timing is right.  Keep yourself in the word and surrounded by my truth.  Those words of mine that you’ve read over and again will find new meaning to you in the right time.

In that moment, I started thinking about the times I’ve read scriptures that I could have recited from memory for years, but all of a sudden there was a meaning to them that had never been there before.  It’s not about memorizing God’s word.  It’s about studying them, putting meaning to them and revisiting them often because depending on what you’re going through at the time, those words can certainly change their meaning.  Have you ever heard that the Bible is a living word?  It is living because of that very reason.  You can read the same thing over and again and find something new almost every time.  It’s meaning will speak to your specific needs and in the right time.

I realize that I wasn’t reading God’s word, but I was listening to music created from a scripture in the Word, and God used it to speak to me yesterday in a way that is unexplainable.  I only wish I could put it into words.

Then, God hit me with another revelation

2) Look how easy it is to allow things into your mind, body and soul without even realizing what you’re doing.

What?  I mean, yeah, I had been singing along to this song for a couple of years now, and I guess it took that long for me to stop and really hear the words I was singing, but how does that allow things in like that?  That’s when I realized that it doesn’t matter what kind of music we listen to, we are taking those words in, and a lot of times we don’t even really know what the message is.  Does that make sense at all?  Think about the times you’ve listened to different songs, and if you’re like me you might be yelling them out at the top of your lungs when you’re by yourself.  How many of those times do you really listen to the message?

Today I wanted to test it a little.  I tried to make it a point today to stop in the middle of singing the songs on the radio and really listen to what the words were about.  Obviously I knew the words, but what was I actually singing about?  On 3 different radio stations, I realized that more times than not I was just singing without listening.  Some songs had a great message, but there were several songs that I honestly was embarrassed I even knew the words to that had very degrading messages.

Our eyes and ears are so fragile and take in so much information daily.  We are the only ones who can protect what we allow inside.  The enemy is sneaky and works in a way where we don’t always even realize we’re allowing him in.  It doesn’t mean you can only allow yourself to listen to Christian music or watch Christian TV, but just be aware of the message that you allow inside of you.  Next time you’re singing your favorite song, consider the words and message that you’re speaking to yourself.  Is it something that helps your soul, or are you speaking words that might somehow affect the way you view yourself or others?  Just something to think about . . .

Where does Jesus Live?

I love talking to my 2 year old because she says or does whatever it takes to make someone laugh.  We just never know what we’re going to get when she’s around.  When my oldest was her age, I could ask, “Where does Jesus live?”  He and his sweet heart would immediately point to his chest and say, “Jesus lives in my heart.”  It was so sweet.

Faith, on the other hand, knows that’s the answer we’re looking for, so it goes a little more like this:  “Where does Jesus live?”  She looks right at us, and just as soon as we get the sentence out she says, “At home.”  Of course, this is always followed by a giggle from us.  She is a character I tell you.

Tonight I started thinking about this.  If I were to ask you where Jesus lives, what would your answer be?  Would you say, “At home?”  Would at home mean your heart?  Where do you see Jesus?

Then I began to think about different people I’ve met, some who say they are Christians.  It’s difficult for me to see so many who walk around with an incredibly gloomy, grumpy disposition.  Something seems to always be wrong, and there seems to be something negative to say about those who are happy.  Have you seen these people walking around?  How is it that someone can know Christ and be so sad and down all the time?

You know, Jesus died for you and I on the cross in a most horrible way.  I honestly think that some of these people have left him on that cross.  That’s still where they see him, and they may not even realize it.

Praise God he didn’t stay there!!  Just three days later, he rose from the grave and looked as if he were unscathed.  He doesn’t live on the cross, dear friends.  He is alive, and if you’ve accepted him as your savior, he lives inside of you!

We should be walking around with confidence in who we are and who we were created to be.  We should be filled with joy knowing that we have the power to fight the enemy with any attack he brings at us.  The very same power that rose Christ from the dead is living inside of you (Rom 8:11)!!

Don’t leave him hanging on the cross.  Allow Jesus to be fully alive inside of you so that everyone who comes in contact with you sees life and not death.  Let your light shine brightly with the life and love of Christ.

Who Has Your key?

Guard Your Heart
Young love is rare.  I mean real, true love – the kind that God ordained.  I am incredibly passionate about young ladies having confidence in themselves so that they don’t have a need for the approval of others to build their confidence. So many more times than not I see girls who have a poor image of themselves so they find themselves desperately seeking approval from boys to help build their confidence.  With each new boyfriend, they fall in love quickly and feel like this one is THE ONE.  Sometimes it causes them to lose who they are, and sometimes they find themselves doing things they are incredibly ashamed of and would never do otherwise.  It’s a difficult place to be.  I know because I remember being there.  I know that’s why God has lit a fire in my heart to help build confidence in the lives of girls.

Psalm 4:23 says Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.  God tells us that we are to keep our hearts guarded — locked tightly where he is the only one who holds the key.  Re-read that.  What would happen if you locked your heart up and gave Jesus the key to hold only to give it to you when you found the man you were meant to marry?  How much easier life would be!  There would be no heartache, no regrets of decisions you might have made to impress a boy, and you wouldn’t have to question Is he the right one for me?

He doesn’t do that, though.  He wants us to show self-control and keep our own hearts guarded.  Dating has become something that’s not “important”.  If you walk into your school and ask everyone in class if they are dating someone, you’re sure to hear that almost all of the students are dating.  It’s just not a big deal to anyone.  Now, before I go farther, I want to preface by saying please DON’T hear what I’m NOT saying.  I’m NOT saying that you should never date.  I am saying that you should date with caution.  With each boy you date, you are giving away a piece of your heart whether you realize it or not.  The longer you date, the less guarded your heart becomes.  Okay, first keep in mind that not only was I once a girl dating, but I work almost every day with girls just like you, so I know that your eyes might have just rolled a little with those last sentences.  I really have heard it all, and I know that you don’t feel like it hurts anything, but it really does.  The purpose of dating really is to search for your future husband.  Wait!  Don’t close out of the post just yet.   I’m not telling you what to do or not to do, but I would like for you to really put some thought into what I’m saying.  If you don’t believe me that dating is to ultimately find your husband, then please send me comments to tell me other reasons, but really think about it first and be truthful to yourself.

Did you know that it’s okay NOT to have a boyfriend?  It really is.  Having a boyfriend should not determine whether you are happy or not.  It shouldn’t determine if you are “popular” or not.  Think about your reasons for dating, and see if it’s worth it.

I dated when I was younger.  I didn’t guard my heart.  I got hurt.  I want so desperately to save you from that hurt.  I know I can’t save all of you from it, but if just one of you heeds this advice, it was well worth it.  GUARD YOUR HEART!  Keep it safe and far away from the enemy who is prowling around like a lion seeking who he can devour because the hearts of those who love God are his favorite meal.   Go ahead and give that key to Jesus and don’t allow anyone else to have it but your husband one day.  Think about how special that could be.

Here’s an idea!  You could find a key this week and write a letter to Jesus about your heart and the key you are giving him.  Then write a letter to your future husband about how special this key is and why you are giving it to him.  Put it away.  When you find that man that God has already chosen for you, give it to him on your wedding day, and read what you’ve written.  What an amazingly special gift that would be for him!  Whether you’re 11 or 41, if you are single it’s the perfect time to do this!

I want to pray for you regarding this subject: Father God, I pray that the young lady reading this post today sees the importance of keeping her heart guarded.  I pray that she declares at this moment that she won’t freely give her key away to every boy she comes in contact with, and I pray that if she has already given her key away and found herself with heartache that you heal her broken heart.  Change the lock and give her a new key and make her a new child.  I pray she remembers every day that she is a princess, and if she is not being treated like one that she will leave the situation she’s in knowing that is not your best for her.  Daddy God, wrap your arms around the reader of this post and speak truth to her giving her confidence in who you created her to be.  I thank you so much for this beautiful girl reading today, and I praise you because SHE was fearfully and wonderfully made.  ~Amen


UPDATE/DISCLAIMER:  Although I did not intend for the “key to your heart” to mean your virginity, I noticed that it could very easily be interpreted as that, and I do like the analogy.  However, your virginity is not the only thing that opens up your heart; there are so very many more things that unlock your heart.