In a Rush

As I was hurriedly leaving work yesterday to pick up my kids, I remembered something our youth pastor said a while back.  He said that for some reason women don’t realize that once we crank a car, we need to wait and let it warm up before actually driving.   This was very similar to something my husband tells me on a regular basis.  So as I put my car into reverse almost at the same time as turning the ignition, I quickly backed up and put it into drive before even coming to a complete stop.  That’s when I heard Pastor Tyron’s words about us not waiting like we should.  It’s better for the car, you know?

I couldn’t shake that thought as I was on the road.  Why is it so much easier for men to wait and let the car get a little warmed up, while many women just get in, crank the car and go?  Then, I was thinking about all of our driving in general.  It seems like my husband drives so slow.  If it’s clear to turn, he still waits if he sees a car coming our direction way off  in the distance.  When I drive, I need to get where I’m going quickly and if there’s a car in the distance, I’m turning because waiting patiently is not one of my strong suits.  What is so different between us?

I came to the conclusion that I have to utilize every second of my day.  A second spent waiting is a second lost.  Something always needs attention.  Clothes need to be folded, groceries need to be bought, meals need to be prepared, dishes need to be washed, floors need to be cleaned, kids need to be loved, toys need to be put away. . .and the list could go on for miles.  I need to utilize every second of my time to make full use of all hours of the day.  The time I spend driving in the car is time I could be doing something productive.  At least that’s how I see it in my head.  I think that’s why I don’t wait and let the car warm up.

In life, I notice many of us are the same way.  We ask God for help in some area of our lives, and then we get our hands in there and try to fix it ourselves because it’s just not happening fast enough.  Then, we wonder why we’re still in the same situation or maybe even a worse situation.  Exodus 14:14 says The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still. 

If you find that you are in need of God’s help, then trust that he will take care of you.  Don’t make it worse by trying to fix something that only he can fix just to rush it.  God’s timing is always best, and he knows the best way to get you out of a bad situation or “dry season.”  Just be still and let him do the fighting — especially when you get to the point that you’re too tired to fight.

Thinking back to all the times I’m rushed to get from point A to point B, I find that a lot of stress and tension are placed not only on myself but on my husband and my kids.  Because of that added stress, everyone is short with one another, and it’s all completely unnecessary.  At these times, I just need to stop, calm down, and be still for a moment.  So what if something gets pushed aside for the day?  It’s so worth it to have peace in the family and within myself.  It’s just food for thought for today.


3 thoughts on “In a Rush

  1. That is so true, Misty. American’s in general need to just slow down and enjoy life. Most European restaurants (especially in places like Spain and Italy) close in the middle of the day because everyone goes home and takes a nap before dinner! They also get more vacation time from work and don’t center their entire lives on their career. As a result, not only are people happier, but they are healthier too!


    1. You are welcome. I miss you girl. I hope you are able to come when I speak to the girls at Elevate. I’ll let you know when it will be.


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