Taking the First Step

Brief update:  My book is almost 100% complete with the exception of a small segment from someone else.  I should have that in my hands by this weekend.  It is currently with an editor, and I’ve sent queries to a few agents.

It is now time to begin acting on a vision God gave me regarding a second level of my book publishing process, which makes me both nervous and excited.  We (my husband and I) have a possible meeting this weekend to discuss with a couple of people about the moving forward with it.  Please pray that the timing is right, and I present myself in a way that is appealing to those we are meeting.  I still don’t see it beginning until the fall or winter of this year, but I’m excited to know this process may not be too far away!  Thank you all for your support, and I will, of course, continue adding posts here often.

***I just received a message from the publishing company of the book, The Shack, who just gave me the thumbs up to use it as a reference in my book!!

2 thoughts on “Taking the First Step

  1. This is exciting news Misty!! We will continue to pray that the you and the message are well recieved!


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