Take the Romans Journey with Me

One of the things I hear so often with people of all ages is that they just don’t know how to read the bible. Haven’t we all been in that place? You know, the place where we read just to say we read. By the time we finish the selected scripture, we have no idea what it said.

My sweet youth girls are no different and want desperately to read and be able to comprehend.  I decided to try something new with a few of my girls and thought you might enjoy it yourself.  Here’s the assignment:

*Spend 1 week reading through 1 chapter.  We are currently going through the book of Romans and are just finishing up chapter 1.
*Read a different translation of chapter 1 each day for 5 days.
*Before reading, turn off all distractions — no phone (airplane mode if you’re reading on your phone), tv, friends, etc.  Just let it be you and God. 
*Pray for God to help you understand what you’re reading and keep your mind free of distractions.
*After you read the chapter ask yourself:  1) what it is saying? 2) What is it saying to me? 3) How can I apply it to my life? 4) Is there anyone I know who could benefit from this scripture?  5) Is there something I have gone through or are currently going through that this scripture speaks to me about?
*****Thank you to Pastor Tyron Caswell, Elevate Youth Pastor, Milestone Church for #s 1-3

Keep your thoughts in a journal and at the end of the week, read through the entire week of notes.  You should leave the week having a good understanding of what you’ve read.  Try this with a partner or a small group and discuss it at the end of the week.

I’m actually doing this myself with the girls I work with, and I’m finding that it is so much more effective than I ever thought.  I love what I’m learning, and I hope you enjoy it as well.  Take a journey with us as we walk through the book of Romans.  Feel free to post any thoughts or comments you have on the chapter you’re reading.  I would love to hear about it. And please do tell me if you’re joining us on this journey.  Click the picture of my bible above to take you to Romans 1 on BibleGateway.


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